Failing to plan may cause serious problems for you and your family in the future. Responsible planning puts you in charge of your finances. A will enables you to make important decisions on how to distribute your estate rather than leaving the state to make decisions for you. A trust enables you to protect your assets and specify where they will go. We recommend that you hire a lawyer rather than take a chance by writing your own estate. Our goal is to secure the future of your loved ones as well as your peace of mind.

We write wills and create trusts in Virginia and Maryland.

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Intuitive, insightful, assiduous, sedulous, diligent and meticulously commited to the success of our clients.

Mumtaz Wani

Lead Counsel

Mr. Wani is an eminent and a singularly distinguished attorney with over thirty years of extensive legal experience. His remarkable scholarship, comprehensive understanding of the law, coupled with his genuine, and veritable concern for the welfare of our clients, makes him an extremely rare and atypical find.

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